About us

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WNKL is a surf boutique and platform for independent fashion brands, surf hardware, art and mid-century design. Located on a small island in the most northern parts of the Netherlands called Texel. 

Every surf community should have a local shop where surfers are provided with their basic hardware, locals can score some fresh fits, tourist can get that one of a kind gift and where all of them can hang out.

Be welcome, feel local.

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WNKL was founded by Rick Winkel in april 2021. Rick was originally born on Texel but left to Amsterdam when he was 19 years old. The following 8 years living in Amsterdam, studying, working and traveling the world inspired him to set up a concept where all the things he like come together as one. WNKL Surf & Lifestyle Boutique became that concept. 

The store is a place where surf, lifestyle, art and midcentury design come together. The authentic store is also a place for people to come together, have a chat about the surf, share their work, have a coffee and listen to some vinyl.

The store has been styled with all kinds of midcentury design. This gives a warm and homely feeling. Besides that, 90% of our midcentury design and interior is for sale. This way WNKL is always changing. This makes the store as dynamic as the ocean.

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WNKL is located in a monumental building in the authentic village centre of Den Burg on Texel. The building resinates from the early 1800's and still has most of its authentic characteristics inside and out. Den Burg is the biggest village on Texel and is mostly known for shopping, dining, markets and terraces. 

Texel is the biggest island of the Wadden Islands in the Netherlands. It is known for its beautiful nature, long stretched beaches, serene pine forest and dune landscapes. People visit the island to relax, enjoy the local delicacies and practice outdoor sports.
In summer, the island transforms into a dutch tropical paradise. Texel enjoys the most sun hours of all of the Netherlands. Beach party's arise, terraces are packed, beaches are well enjoyed, cabrio's cruise around and bonfires are lit after a sunny surf sesh. 

A Island like no other.