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WNKL x De Jut Fabriek

In collaboration with De Jut Fabriek Terschelling we made a waxcomb made from stranded plastic waste.

WNKL x De Jut Fabriek

The Dutch beaches are considered one of the cleanest beaches in the world. But still you can find plastic every couple of meters. As a well developed country, we have to set an example on how to keep the beaches clean and innovate on the use and re-use of plastic. At De Jut Fabriek on Terschelling (one of the neighbour wadden islands) they collect plastic waste from the beach which they then sort by color and shred in tiny plastic pallets that are then used for making new materials such as our waxcomb.

WNKL x De Jut Fabriek

With this product we want to raise awareness on plastic waste endangering our oceans and shorelines. The waxcomb also shows that innovative thinking from amazing foundations such as De Jut Fabriek can help reduce our plastic footprint and how to re-use materials to create a more sustainable production cycle.

By buying this waxcomb you support De Jut Fabriek foundation in their mission to keep the beaches of the Wadden Islands clean! Click here to order your WNKL x De Jut Fabriek waxcomb!

More information about De Jut Fabriek Terschelling?

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