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Pop-up Ping Pong x WNKL

For some courtyard fun we teamed up with Pop-up Ping Pong for a custom WNKL x PPP table.

Pop-up Ping Pong x WNKL

Pop-up Ping Pong creates custom pingpong tables and playgrounds that let you experience this classic game on another level. Bringing people together; young & old, drunk & sober, skilled & clumsy, all in the name of fun and competition. An easy way to playfully connect people at events or in the office. Check out their crazy pingpong tables and concepts on their instagram or website!

Ping Pong Pieter testing the new table while wearing a new fit. He is rocking the Carhartt Flint Pant in Rum and a New Amsterdam Surf Association Torche Tee from the SS21 collection.

Come challenge us at the store!

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