New brands

New brands. Since the opening of WNKL, we have been constantly looking for cool extensions of the concept. In the past month, for example, a few unique brands have been added to the range that are certainly worth mentioning. There are also some very cool collaborations coming up this year!


New brand

New at WNKL is Standard Procedure. Born under the harsh Australian summer sun, Standard Procedure is a new range of topical skincare created to withstand the harshest elements. Founded by pro surfer and lifestyle guru Dion Agius and longtime friend Zepha Jackson, Standard Procedure focuses on sustainable production of skin care products. The two friends put their brand on the market through a fantastic 70's marketing design and vibe that fits perfectly into the WNKL picture. Find the Standard Procedure SPF50 sunscreen, SPF15 sunscreen and the Aleo Vera gel in different sizes in store at WNKL!


New brand

As friends of WNKL, OSSI Studio should not be missing in our range of brands. OSSI Studio is an experimental design studio based in Utrecht, which makes various lifestyle products from plexiglass such as various jewelry and coasters. OSSI was founded by Odine Toering & Sanne Bouman based on a mutual interest in natural forms and the unconventional use of textures and materials. Both graduated as graphic designers at the Hogeschool van Kunsten in Utrecht. OSSI uses plexiglass residues from larger companies. The ladies then cut natural and organic shapes from this plexiglass to make jewelry and other products. Find their collection of jewelery and the OSSI coasters in the range at WNKL. Find the Standard Procedure SPF50 sunscreen, SPF15 sunscreen and the Aleo Vera gel in different sizes at WNKL in the shop!


New brand

Complete your outfit with a stylish frame. We are proud to introduce KOMONO as part of the WNKL brand list. This Antwerp brand inspires with style, surprises with its color palettes and progressive aesthetics. For the past ten years they have brought innovation and contemporary design to the world of accessories. Find a finely selected range of sunglasses at WNKL. Always more than 10+ models available in the store!


New brand

We continue to look for new additions for WNKL. In Surfin Estate we have certainly found that addition! We are proud to say that from September we will be working together with surfboard and clothing brand Surfin Estate. Founded in 2011 by Vincent Lemanceau and Arthur Nelli, Surfin Estate was originally a web journal, which became a brand in 2015 with the opening of a boutique/gallery/showroom in Hossegor, one of the surfing capitals in Europe. With a common background around sailing, skateboarding and a certain expertise of the marine and surf universe, friends Vincent and Arthur wanted to share their values ​​across the spectrum of surf culture. Surfin Estate can be described as a sweet mix of vintage inspiration and modernity, both in the approach to the design of their surfboards and clothing. Where Vincent focuses entirely on designing and shaping the surfboards, Arthur is the creative brain behind Surfin Estate's clothing. The friends do almost everything themselves. From marketing photography and videography, shaping the boards, designing the clothing to selling it all in their boutique. A perfect blend within the company between two friends with a passion that touches us greatly at WNKL. From the end of September, Surfin Estate will be at WNKL with the AW21 collection. Expect high-end styles with a sleek and comfortable design. Merino wool scarves, turtlenecks, half zips and more.


New brand

From the end of August / beginning of September we have SYMPL Surf Co. in our catalogue! Sympl surf supply company produces an amazing range of surf leashes, tailpads and boardbags. Sympl is fully committed to sustainability in the manufacturing of their products, the products and all packaging are biodegradable and built with environmental impact in mind. Sympl's story began in California when ex-pro surfer Erica Hosseini wondered what to focus on when her competitive surfing career came to an end. The result of years of hard work and dedication, SYMPL Supply Co.

In addition to great new brands, you can also expect a lot of news from our current range. For example, between August and September the autumn / winter collections of both Carhartt and New Amsterdam Surf Association are in our store. Be sure to check that out!

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