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New brand: Wemoto

We are proud to present that Wemoto has been added to our list of brands!

Coming from skate, music, art and street culture, their mental topic was and always will be the understanding and interaction between people. The brand set out to be a brand that captures subcultural influences combined with fashionable designs to create pieces that represent their values.

The Frankfurt based Wemoto caught our eye due to it's clean branding, timeless styles and well used fabrics. Their collection has a wide range of garments and accessories making it really easy to select a unique collection suited for WNKL. For us Wemoto is a brand that can be bought for multiple purposes. Wether it's a casual diner on a night out, an every day outfit or something more seasonal.

At this time 75% of their garments are made from certified organic cotton and almost all of their products are made without animal components.

Come have a look at our finely selected part the Wemoto collection at WNKL.

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