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Boards at WNKL

Since a while we have some brand new custom surfboards on stock from some high end surf brands. We just wanted to share them with you.

Christenson Fish

This 5’8 Christenson Fish in polished Texel green is going to break necks. With a classic deep swallow, crispy outlines and low rocker it is a true wave catching machine. Ideal for Dutch conditions! Best paired with the Christenson Keels by FCS.


5’8” x 21 1/4” x 2 1/2”


FCS 2 twin fin Price: € 995,-

Pukas Original Sixtyniner The Original Sixtyniner by Pukas. A shape from Axel Lorentz. The custom ‘Texel Flag’ gradient color makes this shorty a real show stopper. With its 5’10 and 32.4L it has some of that Dutch volume. Gliding easily in smaller surf but also holding up in solid surf outside our borders. A perfect daily driver!


5’10” x 20.25” x 2.50”


FCS 2 Thruster Price: € 780,-

Pukas La Côte by Axel Lorentz

The La Côte by Axel Lorentz. A perfect pretty pink mid-length. Axel designed this board with his daughter; they both wanted a board that they could surf together in different types of conditions.

La Côte is a very responsive, versatile mid-length that turns on a dime. Of course with the perks of a mid; lots of foam to help you paddle and enjoy every bit of your ride.

Dimensions: 7’2” x 21’63” x 3.06”


FCS 2 2+1 set up (single, 2+1, twin or thruster)

Price: € 829,-

Son Of Cobra Round Twin

A stylish twin performer. The Round Twin by Son Of Cobra is one of his signature models.

This modern twin works to provide unique line for critical pocket surfing. It has an unique double concave that exhibits its best point in the concave closest to the rail line. With a high volume line and low entry rocker, it’s a true wave catching machine that turns on a dime!


5’7” x 19.88” x 2.57”


Futures twin set up

Price: € 720,-


Need tools to put your beauty on display? We've got a beautiful set of bamboo hooks from SHCKRACK for sale in store. The hooks have holes designed for hanging your wetsuit.

Bargain Boards

We also have some second hand boards on stock now and then. These you can find in our highlight stories on Instagram called: 'Bargain Boards'.

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