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Beach hang-out by Renzo Steffens

It was a sunny day in April when we decided to hangout around the beach whilst babysitting the dog of a friend. We took the opportunity to also take some shots of the boys in some new styles from the shop.

Beach hang-out
Mees fooling around with Beau the dog.

Mees messing around with Beau the dog whilst wearing the Carhartt Flint Short, WNKL 0222 Tee and Carhartt Script Cap.

Mees arguing Renzo about the way he is taking his pictures. "Just take the freaking shot bro".

Senne posing with the NASA Log in the Carhartt Flint Short and New Amsterdam Surf Association Breton Longsleeve.

Yung Pieter flirting with Renzo in the Carhartt Flint Short and Carhartt Civil Shirt.

We finished the evening with a cold one by a small campfire in the bbq on the parking lot of the beach. Photography: Renzo Steffens Featuring: Pieter de Wit, Mees Koch, Senne Roeper, Beau the dog.

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